Beautifule pistol shrimp - id please


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Here's a pic of a great looking pistol shrimp I recently purchased, and I wanted to know if anyone knew any info about it. Actually I grabbed the pic out of someone's gallery, but it looks exactly the same.

That user called it a golden pistol shrimp, but I couldn't find any information about that creature. I'd ask the user directly but they have been inactive for a couple of years.

So what do you mantis keepers think? I couldn't figure a better place to post this.

Is it a caribbean species? Might it pair with a goby? Would it have to be a caribbean goby? Does that even happen in the caribbean? These are just a few questions, any info would be appreciated.

Heres a pic...

Not to be confused with the bullseye/clown pistol shrimp...



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Yep, thanks for the link. I'll ask the seller some questions since they collect them. Perhaps they will know more.


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Mine has yet to successfully pair with any of my pacific gobies. As a mater of fact it is sort of running amuck in my tank. I am hoping a goby might help keep it in check, though, more likely it will probably be its partner in crime. Anyway let me know if you find an answer to your question, or, better yet, a goby. Thanks, cro.


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Carribean. Mine never really paired with my gobie. The gobie acts like he is dating a fat chick, they pair up at night to sleep but come lights on they split up. It also snaps 1 minute after final lights out, every night.