beckett skimmer users help


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what's the most optimum pressure rated flow for a single injector.
reason being....currently a DIY beckett skimmer that's 4 feet is using a Iwaki MX 100 to fire a single injector that has 1 1/2 inch down tube, bubbles are great, but seems like the air intake now makes a different cuz with so much PR flow a single air flow port is not enough to support the air intake. would it be better to run a second injector instead of 1 injector, T off the MX100 to fire both at around 3500L per injector instead of 7000L on a single beckett that is using a john quest valve, or should i increase the air port 1 size up to allow more air into skimmer.


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I am running a BL70 on dual injectors and I cannot open both injectors all the way, well, I can, but it's too much air and the bubble size is too big.

An Iwaki 100 is probably too much pump for a single injector but would run 2 well, still won't be able to open both injectors all the way though.

Pressure is key IMO. I ran a pump that did 1600gph with a max of 27' of head. This pump worked ok, but it was not giving me a consistant skimmer. I then swapped it out for a pump doing roughly the same gph but had a max head of 39'. I had to drop my water level in the skimmer 4-6" and it is very consistant now.

When adding air, you will reach a point that with too much air, bubble size will start to get bigger, and you don't want that. What I do is adjust the air to get the finest bubbles, and then adjust my water level in the skimmer. HTH