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I know that some people want sea turtles and its illegal. They also want a reef. Well here is my thought -

While keeping sg at 1.018-1.021 - I know not ideal but... - you can keep a reef and instead of a sea turtle have a diamondback terrapin. You would need at least a 75 gallon tank and decent filtration to run a reef with the turtle but im thinking it could work and it would be neat to have turtle in the tank.

any drawbacks I'm missing?
Other then the fact they are illegal, it would out grow your tank in probally a year and even if you could keep it, it would out live you, youd have to steal it from its natural habitat unless you knew a black market dealer... and you'd need a hell of alot of food to feed it.... na i dont think you've missed anything... but you might of lost your marbles.
diamondbacks terps aren't illegal - at least not where i live - heres proof

wikipedia - "The diamondback terrapin is the State Reptile of the U.S. state of Maryland and is the official mascot of the University of Maryland, College Park. The species was once considered a delicacy to eat and was hunted almost to extinction. Due to this it is listed as an endangered species in Rhode Island, is considered a threatened species in Massachusetts, and it is considered a "species of concern" in Georgia, Delaware, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Virginia, but it holds no federal status."

link -

Captive Bred Species for sale -
Thats true grins - time out of the tank is a necessity

You and i posted the same link at the same time.
I saw that...I would love a turtle myself, have even kept a box before but for now I'll stick with my reef.