Beginner corals


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I am fairly new to the saltware side of things and had a question. I have a 26 gallon bow with 30# LR and a 24" Coralife (1- 65W Actinic 03 & 1-65W 10K) lamp. I am interested in getting a BTA, but have been told to stay away for now because of my inexperience. I was told to start with mushrooms and some polyps.

I was hoping to get a recommendation from the group on what is a good beginner species to start out with.



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Most soft corals should be fine. Some BTAs might be okay with that lighting, but they are touchier animals, and many would need a higher light level.


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i agree with whoever told you that. perfect advice. wait at least 6-7 months b4 getting anemone. poyps and mushrooms are very forgiving


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Might want to also try some zoos. I have some now and my tank is just past the 5 month mark. They are easy to take care of , do not need a lot of light and seem to grow like crazy as well as being quite colorful. I would advise though that a pair of gloves is a good idea when handeling zoos or any coral for that matter. There have been instances when I heard of people getting stung by corals and getting quite sick. If this should happen to you call 911 or head for the nearest emergency room. Better safe than sorry.

By the way, welcome to reef central. You have come to the right place for answers to all of your questions. Enjoy your stay.



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I'm relatively new to the hobby, and just purchased my first corals not to long ago. I have some mushrooms and a Toadstool Leather, and both are doing quite well.