benefits of actinic lighting discussion


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I am upgrading my lighting....AGAIN...! I will be going from dual 150w 20k halides to 2 175 watt halides and 2 T5VHO actinics. I have already formed my own opinion about the possible benefits of actinic lighting but was curious about what everyone else feels their benefit/purpose is.

I have a few SPS corals in my tank whose branches sit directly under my blue led moon lights. The branches of those corals that are touched by this light are brilliantly blue in comparison to other branches of the same coral that are not in the direct path of this light. So, I am thinking that by adding actinic lamps all of my sps will receive more blue light and absorb that color.

What are your experiences and thoughts on this issue? I know that some think there is no benefit at all and it is only visually pleasing with no benefit to coral at all and those that swear by their use. Thanks in advance


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my only thought is that chlorophyll evolved to use actinic light most efficiently(ie what's in the ocean so it makes sense), so photon for photon, it does more good than any other frequency wrt to photosynthesis. the rest is just pretty colors being reflected and personal preferences.
general good PAR levels makes the pure efficiency argument moot, so it isnt a real big issue. make it look like you like it. u r god of that little ocean :)