Bertoni, rmz please advise


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So all seemed to be fine and dandy with the vinegar. After three weeks I finally saw colors on test kit lighten, and this is with doing bare minimal water changes.

Over the weekend I added a scribbled. It
Was in a 400 gallon sps tank the guy had the fish for nearly 20 months, qt when he bought him.

Well last night, my achilles and aussie tusk appear to be covered in sparkles. The new addition added some aggression, and I believe that is the culprit (stress)

Now, I do not have a large enough qt tank, . With some of the big ones I have, including 10 inch blue and 9 inch sailfin, they would need established, matured 6 foot tank.

Wife won't allow that, I would be better off parting out the tank and going golfing.

So having that, I have used in cupramine on the display before, ich subsided for a few months and later returned.

I have read about quinine sulphate (sp?) . I have also read about hypo in display. My tank is 170 total gallons, and my r/o unit is plunked
Right to tank, and my salinity never moves.

I will list what I have, please advise which direction you would move in:

5 inch scribbled
10 inch blue angel
4 inch asfur
3 inch achilles
9 inch sailfin
3 inch regal tang
8 inch volitan lion
2 foot snowflake

4 inch aus tusk
4 inch yellow fox

And one demon damsel.

No inverts, snails, coral, macro etc.

Sg right now 1.023. Temp 78

Sro 3000 skimmer, about 120 lbs of wet dead rock. .5 inch aragonite sand bed in display.

I truly do not have faith in copper with display tank.

I should have zero issue with top off evaporation
Part of me says let the cards fall where they may, the other wants to be proactive.

Also, with either treatment, is the continued
Vinegar dosing useless?



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I used the malaria med sometime in the past for a smallish tang, only about 2 inch long, and IIRC it worked. But also I seem to remember it caused a massive bacterial bloom. I had nothing else worth keeping at the time, all other fish had died from the ich outbreak, so IIRC I removed everything (rock etc), put a few bits of plastic pipe in the tank for hiding places, and dosed the tank with the malaria stuff. But the bacterial bloom might be a big issue and I am not certain the treatment worked (just can't remember, I certainly lost the tang sometime in the last few years). I think you have to act fast with ich and tangs, they seem to easily go past the point of no return. The OTC meds didnt work and I wasted lots of time on them. The malaria stuff will probably never be 'licenced' for tank use, so the only way to find out if it works is for enough of us to try it. If you have no other choice, I suggest trying. I am fairly sure it did work though, as I remember thinking if only I tried it earlier, might have saved my fav tang who had already gone by that time. Maybe have a 100% water change ready in case things go bad. Good luck.


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Well, since the tank doesn't have any invertebrates of any kind, and it was set up with dead rock, you could try hyposalinity in the display. I would stop the vinegar dosing for now, since I don't know it might interact with hyposalinity. I suspect it'd be fine, but it's not useful at this point, either, since the tank can't have any corals until the hyposalinity is over.


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Jon- if kept at 1.008 throughout 8 weeks, do you believe it works, or have what some have said have ich become immune to it?

And typically, what fish don't handlesalinity drop to 1.009?


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I don't know which fish might have problems with hyposalinity. 8 weeks might be enough. Some strains seem to be more tolerant of hyposalinity. I might try 3 months.