best 250W 10000k bulb


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Hi guys
I've gotta order a couple new 250W MH bulbs for my new 90 gal set up. I'm using Icecap ballasts, and i've decided to go with 10000k's, but i am still undecided what type of bulbs i would like to go with. I was thinking XM, but i've heard good things about reeflux aswell (which are a bit cheaper which is nicec). I keep a mixed reef and i want something that is good for growing everything from acropora to zoos.
what do you use, and what to you think i should use?

thanks guys


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XM is white with a hint of yellow
Reeflux is white with a hint of pink

Both have good PAR, but the Reeflux unsupplemented will give you better colors than the XM unsupplemented... Apparently the pinkish hue can be "fixed" if you play around with the nipple position by turning the bulb while it's on...same applies for XM if you find it's too yellow...


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try to point out what type, DE or SE? as they are different,

in SE I can agree with Ceak, but with DE do not,


what look you like, and do you have actinics?

for a white look xm with actinics is nice combo,

Reeflux is a nice bulb too,

what you have now?



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In my 90 I have the 250W 10K XM's. I find them at times to have a very slight yellowish colour, but I supplement them with 2 VHO and 2 T-5 actinics and they look awesome.


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yes supplemented XMs do look real nice, the downside is alot of bulbs, wattage and heat...


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Depends on Supplements

Depends on Supplements

XM has a big 420nm peak in it, so best if supplemented with t5's (which tend to have a 450nm peak in their various blue bulbs).

10k Reeflux has a big 450nm peak in it, so best if supplemented with the VHO Uri R (as they are a 420nm bulb).

That way you get the best of both worlds.

If you worry about the the XM bulb quality the Giesemann Marine Mogul bulb has the same spectral plot as the XM. I haven't found one that matches the 10k Reeeflux yet.

These are all SE of course. Hope it helps!



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So what then would be the best 250 bulb as I am in the same position. I have everything from acros to zoos also. Right now I have a 250w 20k XM bulb and everything seems to be doing great. Does anyone think there is a better bulb config than this?


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chrismhaase -

If you like the blue look or don't want to supplement your MH with Actinics then the XM20K is a good choice, the Reeflux 12K is very similar and there's always the Radium 20K... Which ballast do you have?


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XM 10K with actinics, makes the tank look awesome, great growth too.

I agree, best combo I have used yet. Growth is great and colors are amazing. I would like to go with more blue and slow down growth soon so I will be going with the XM20K's in the near future.


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20K bulbs have to be replaced more frequently. They don't hold their intensity the same as lower kelvin bulbs.


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I'm going to do the same thing in my 550g ( 120Lx36Wx30H) 3 side view tank 4 lum III's with 250 xm 10k's down the center and 2 sets of 2 48" 54 w t5's on each side for added par and color.