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Nothing wrong with glass cages at all IMO. At least I have never had an issue with them, but I have read some pretty bad stories. However when doing a new, modern reef tank, machined edges on the glass were mandatory for me as well as the extra fit and finish quality. Glass cages last time I delt with them could simply not do machined edges. I did not want just a decent glass box that holds water. For the exceptional tanks, I looked at Miracles, age and lee-mar. In the end, I personally went with lee-mar as they were a lot closer to me and shipping was cheaper. Also looking at their tanks in stores, they were TOP NOTCH. The tank I received was in fact exceptional. Fit and finish was what I consider flawless. The only thing I was angry with them about is they did not follow my exact instructions which were crystal clear on what I wanted done to the euro brace. It was not a big deal but when spending that sort of cash on a glass box, they should have asked "how high" if I asked them to jump. The store I purchased from did compensate me.. lightly for not following my exact instructions so that was good enough. I still look at the euro brace and since it is not exactly what I asked for, it irritates me still but no one else would ever see it or know lol
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I'd second looking at Miracles, A.G.E., and Lee-Mar. All three seem to consistently get good reviews. My 72x28x30 Miracles tank is scheduled to arrive in a few weeks.

I wouldn't touch Glass Cages with a 10 ft pole. Far too many horror stories. Yes, you could roll the dice and be the one in ten person who gets exactly what they expected, but the odds aren't in your favor.