best bet to save a tri- colour?


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Ihave a 3.5 inch tri-colour frag thats been in my tank for about 3 months. I came home from a weekend trip to find the bottom inch receeding. I think my alk dipped from lack of 2-part addition.( need to get an auto doser)

Is fragging whats left the best coarse of action? From others experiences, what are the odds of the frag making it once recession shows up.

Ps. I'm starting to believe everything I've read on here about how finniky acros can be. Stability is everything, which I'm learning the hard way.


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Oh believe it, the first two I had RTN'd within a week, I spent two months tighting my parameters and reading everything I could.....

Would would say RTN or SRTN?

From what I have read, as they grow in they block the lower portions of flow and light and the die back. I would think this would be somewhat normal, and am not sure if it will cause 100% death.

I myself have a green digi that is doing the same, and am not sure and have left it just to see. I would also love to hear others experiences on the subject.