Best by/ expire date coral vitalizer?


im an addict lol
Anybody who is using this product how long does it say it last in months from the time u purchased? I just got my first order if it and only last 4 months is this normal before best by date passes? I bought the larger bottle thinking I would get almost a year out of it :( in my calculations. Just curious if 4 months is normal of I got a bottle that has been sitting on the shelf for a while?




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I do not know the total shelf life. you can email thomas Pohl about that directly.

but I do know it looses it potency as it gets closer to the expiry date. one of the only products they have that behaives this say. it changes color after its expiry date.


im an addict lol
Thank. I emailed the place I bought it from I think it was direct from them just the USA branch.

If it is that short of a shelf life that is fine just wish it was written somewhere before I purchased the larger bottle I only have 120gal system I will not be able to use 100ml up in 4 months