Best chance?


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I realize that nothing is a sure shot, BUT. I have a pait of false percs (tank-bred)
and recently bought a beatiful GBTA and would love to have one or both
fish take to it. It's been a week and the guy at the LFS said they will eventually
take to it (may take a long time). Well I'm a somewhat impatient man and would
like to know what is the type of clown fish I should get that will take to it
the quickest? (tomato, skunk, true perc) One fish is fine for me.


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Not to be a mean, but if you’re not a patient person, this probably isn’t the right hobby for you. The biggest truism in this hobby is “Nothing good happens quickly.”

Than being said, the percs you have may or may not host in the bubble tip you have. It mostly takes time. Some people have had success using a plastic toy type clownfish and putting it near the anemone to get their clowns to host, you may want to give that a try.

If you do decide to try another type of clownfish, please remove the ones already present before you do so as adding another type to a tank with others already present can spell disaster.

I have had remarkable success in hosting with Wild Caught True Percs.


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For what it's worth, Maroons are known to naturally host the BTA in the wild.

That doesn't mean they'll take to your anemone in your tank any faster than the percs are...and I hate to see the percula's go back to the LFS just because they aren't fond of your anemone.


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maroon will go into BTAs very quickly.

false percs are hit and miss. we had a pair that never went in, but we recently bought a tiny pair (<1") and they went in the RBTA after just 30 min. we were very lucky.


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I've got an Ocellaris clown that's been in a tank full of softies for almost 4 years. Never would host in anything. Two months ago, following the example of a juvi Ocellaris I added, the older clown started hosting occasionally in a toadstool leather . Yeh....sometimes this hobby takes a little patience. ;)


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I've been told a trick with a pointer. get a white pointer light, i dunno where and shine in on the anemone after lights out.
Just something I've been told works, I dunno.


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Yes, Maroon clowns will take and host bta very fast. Almost a guarantee. I know way too many people who has maroon and bta to support my statement. So if you want a clown that would host bta for sure...definitely the maroon clown.