Best dealers to buy black and white clownfish from?


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I am going to buy two black and white clownfish and try to breed them. Who are some of the best dealers to buy them from?


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By black and white do you mean ocellaris..or latz...or mccullochi...or sebae?

BW ocellaris are very hardy and can be found in many different places from LFS to online vendors.

Latz are very hard to find, Divers Den sometimes have them also PIA (pacificislandaquatics) they are usually captive bred as the wild ones are VERY rare.

Mccullochi are one of the rarest clownfish as they are collected from a restricted area. Liveaquaria sometimes offers singles of this fish as they were able to obtain a breeding pair.

Sebae's are on the rare side (i think) but can be found at different online vendors.

In general...Liveaquaria's divers den always has healthy fish, although more expensive, I've never had a bad experience when it comes to their fish. Vivid aquariums also has a wide variety of fish and have had good experiences with them as well. Although they do not provide a WYSIWYG section for fish.