Best "Eaters of the Hair?"


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Hi all,

First time poster here, and I have too say I enjoy this forum alot.

Anyway, I have a 7Gallon Minibow Nano Reef that I have reset about a month and a half ago. It WAS set up for about a year and a half before I decided that I wanted a better look and all that. 32 watt retrofit PC with a Fluval 104 for filtration, around 12-14 lbs of live rock and around 10-11 lbs of live sand. I have 13 different species of coral, 2 feather dusters, one cleaner shrimp, and roughly 4 blue legged hermit crabs. Keeping the bioload low this time around and only keeping one fish, probably a small black Percula Clown that is presently in my 29 Gallon, and a few crabs.

Tempurature is pretty much constant at around 75 degrees F and, so far, a good balance on the Chemistry with 0 NA, 0 NO2, and a low constant on NO3 (but then again...hardly any bioload :p ). I have been keeping my calcium pretty constant at around 420-440 and it has been going GREAT so far even though it IS pretty new.

Now...what I was wondering is what would be the best hair algae eater for this tank? I WAS thinking an emerald green crab, but I have seen them get a bit nasty in other peoples MUCH larger tanks (I work at the LFS in town here so I get too hear MANY horror stories thoughout the day :mixed: ). I do NOT want any slugs in this tank, and my snails will NOT be Turbo Grazers just because they get WAY too large for this small of a tank and I have some in my 29 that will need to go back to the store soon as well. Haven't been knocking anything over YET...but getting to that size ya know?

If anyone has any idea, please let me know.

Thanks in advance,

PS- Here is the link to a VERY bad pic of my 7 Gallon. Please bear with's a crappy cheap cam and has the habit of "bleaching" pics with PC lighting. I get GREAT pics of my FW planted tanks though LOL

Nice setup! I usually don't recommend hermit crabs, but they do a nice job on hair algae. The Scarlet hermit crabs are probably the most peaceful of the bunch. You could try some Trochus grazer snails as well...they are long-lived and not as cumbersome as the Turbo snails...they won't mow down patches of hair algae in my experience though.

Ok some new pics of the 7 Nano today if you want too see what it looks like thru a GOOD camera :p

Same link, new pics

Ok some new pics of the 7 Nano today if you want too see what it looks like thru a GOOD camera :p

Same link, new pics

Tuxedo urchins are my fav. hair eater , they take some time too find it , but when there done there wont be any left , they will eat coraline , but not enough too be a problem , also they doo a little bulldoseing , but they do a better job than any hermits or snails at eating hair.