Best flexible hose for return line?


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I'm moving my sump to the basement, 1 floor below the DT. I'd like to use flexible hose of some kind for both the IN and OUT lines, since hard plumbing it would be a bit awkward and have way too many 90s. Is braided nylon what people tend to use for the OUT line (return to the DT) in this situation? Would vacuum hose be best for IN line (into the sump)? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Depends on how flexible you want..
Spaflex works nice but isn't super flexible at all but regular glue/pvc fittings work right on it..
Vinyl tubing would be great too and is more flexible. It will require barb fittings/hose clamps.


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Ultra flex is way more flexible them spa flex and glued like pvc and fits standard pvc fittings. I highly recommend it. Marine Depot carried it amongst others.


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For cost and functionality my choice would be vinyl tubing you buy the length off the roll that you need. Use cable clamps to secure it to the wall where you can to take the weight off the upper barb fitting and stainless hose clamps to secure the vinyl tube to the barb fittings. Pressure is not an issue on either drain or return so really no need for the braided tubing. I like to use split loom wiring covers on the tubing to keep light out and algae growth minimized. I can remove and replace them easily to check for blockage or trying to figure out where an air leak is that's causing micro bubbles in the return or drain noise.

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I've used silicone tubing ordered from BRS and ebay. Super flexible with no problems

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+1 on silicone tubing. Super easy to work with and it never loses that stretchy texture which keeps it water tight on hose barbs. Cost more then regular tubing but well worth it IMO. I found it to be cheapest on Amazon.