Best Fragging & Mounting Technique


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hi All

I'm curious to hear your preferred method of fragging & mounting your SPS corals.

I have to admit, I'm kind of primitive about it. After fragging a branch, I push it into a 2-part epoxy puddy ball, and shape the puddy around the base of the frag. I don't use any plugs, dips, or glue. It works most of the time.

However, there's a local frag-swap in January, and I don't want my frags to look ghetto or nerdy.

For those of you with experience, what's the best way, step-by-step, to frag & mount SPS?

Thanks for your feedback.



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really depends. I personally like to mount frags onto rubble but most people use the discs with the stems. the discs are alot easier to use with eggcrate to grow them out but I find it hard to find good mounting spots on my rocks for the discs. i mount my cut frag using superglue gel onto my small piece of rubble. Try and dry off both the cut end of the frag and the rubble or disc before applying the glue. Once frag is put in place into the glue allow it to set for a couple of minutes and then place it in some tank water. Once the glue hits the water it starts to gel pretty fast. you can purchase the gel at most dollar stores pretty cheap. good luck


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For branching corals I'm going to sell I do the following:

1. Cut off a branch with bone cutters.

2. Dry off the bottom of the frag w/ a paper towel.

3. Put a glob of super glue on a frag plug. Depending on size of frag I use either a .75 or 1.5 inch plug.

4. Stick base of frag into glue, and hold until it starts to dry.

5. Wait 10 minutes for glue to harden (it will harden in water too) and then put it on the frag rack.

For frags I want to grow out and keep I mount on small rocks, so I can move them around if I need to.