Best Frozen Food


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I am looking for the best frozen food.
I have been feeding my clowns, wrasse and Royal Gramma either Prime Reef or Brine Shrimp Plus. The Prime Reef has too many large of chunks even after mashing it up in a net. I worry the Brine Shrimp Plus has too many shrimp and not enough nutrition. The LFS is pushing Hukari Mega Marine Algae, but my fish will only 1/2 of the food. Formula One just looks like bloody water.
What do you consider to be the best "all in one" frozen food.


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I feed my fish "Marine Cuisine" and they love it. It's an all in one food that you are looking for.


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if i were to say 1 is the best.. it would probably be Rods food..



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My fav is frozen cyclopeeze. I'm going to have to try some of Rod's Food, never had heard of it before.


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I like Cyclop-eez..frozen, along with Vita-chem or garlic...I mix it up

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Not a fan of rod's food for our system...too messy IMO.

We feed hikari mysis, brine, and cyclopeeze mixed together. Good range of sizes for all sized fish, but large enough not to pollute the tank.


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I like Cyclop-eez..frozen, along with Vita-chem or garlic...I mix it up

Bebo77....moved on to Carmella??? LOL

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rods food and cyclopeze frozen. They both rock, but again they are meant to feed a reef not just fish.


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the best frozen food in my opinion is my own. i blend up a bunch of diff. raw seafood like shrimp salmon grouper i throw in some seaweed for my tang as well. :) its cheper to make your own too.


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I know this isnt the answer you are looking for, but I don't believe in "all-in-one" foods. You can't get optimal nutrition eating the same thing over and over, and I don't believe most fish can either. I believe variety is best. So I'll give you the best that I can do; here is my analysis of the frozen foods I've tried:


Sally's San Francisco Bay Brand (SFB) Emerald Entree
SFB Plankton
SFB Spirulina Enriched Brine Shrimp
SFB Marine Cuisine
Hikari Mysis
Hikari Bloodworms
Hikari Krill
Hikari Daphnia
Roe (from an asian grocery)


Ocean Nutrition (ON) Prime Reef
ON Formula Two
ON Angel Formula
ON Special Formula VHP

Don't like:

Baby Brine Shrimp
SFB Glassworms
Tubifex Worms

Alright.... notes and explanations:

The only caveats for the "likes" are that cyclope-eze and daphnia are very small. Good for clowns, chromis, anthias, not so much for tangs, angels, etc. I generally drop a chunk of cyclope-eze in, let the larger fish hit it a few times, then it's too small for them and the other fish like it.

"So-so"s: The cubes dont fall apart easily. I rinse all cubes in a brine shrimp net prior to feeding, but all these cubes require physical force to break them down, not just warm water. I also dont like the particle size particularly. In any given cube there are 1 or 2 chunks too large for any of my fish to eat, and then there is a lot of very small particulates which just go to waste and get filtered out (despite rinsing in a brine shrimp net).

The dont's: Most of the glassworms floated. They are a freshwater food anyway. The tubifex worms turned into a slime ball... none of the fish liked it. Baby brine shrimp are too small for any of my fish to eat. VERY SMALL.


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PE Mysis, hands down. Everything eats it, even the Mandarins. Mix it with a little frozen Hikari brine shrimp and Cyclopeez and there isn't a scrap left.

I just spent 20 bucks on a package of Rod's Food and I'm less than thrilled with it. My fish literally take all the garbage disposal processed scraps in their mouths, spit it back out and look at me like, "What the hell is this crap?" Then I spend then next half hour rinsing all the uneaten table scraps out of the pre-filter sponge on my overflow.


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LobsterofJustice has the right idea. Variety, variety, variety! As far as formula one, if it thaws out (knowingly, unknowingly, or even previous to your purchase) then is refrozen and then thawed again, it can dissolve to the point of being unusable. I had to thow out a whole container because of this. When I feed the cubes I let them defrost for about 3-4 minutes only to make larger pieces.