best heater/controller?


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I am upgrading my heater from the old glass to prevent a disaster.
Just a quick response on your favorite brand of heater and if you use a controller with it.


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I am looking at the aqua-medic bio-therm. Made from titanium. A buddy has had one for awhile now with no problems.


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I use two Ebo-Jagger 150w connected to my Profilux Controller.

Keeps the temperature with a variance of 0.1 Celcius.

I love it.


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Stealth and Finnex both been 100% reliable for me.
Aqua-medic titanium I had die on me. Fortunately my wife noticed the poor fish going crazy freezing their butts off!


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Ranco is a good controller, but I did see one stick on a commercial refrigarator but that was once in 15 years of service work


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What does a controller do. Ebos have a built in stat.
Which model number of the Ranko.

Most of the heaters that have there own on/off stats don't do a very good job. Some may be OK but most are not. Even if they have there own state you should still have it hooked up to a back-up controller just in case.


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I run the aquamedic titanium , I like the large display, and it has a memory so unplugging is no problem, Then again maybe they all the digital controlled heater have memory?