Best 'Inside the Tank' Protein Skimmer for 95g Reef?


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hello RC Peeps

I have a 95g Reef (mainly softies, fish & inverts), and am looking to upgrade my Protein Skimmer.

The one criteria is that is needs to be an 'Inside the tank' (not hang on the back, or for a sump). I have a Hydor 'SlimSkim' now, but I think it's on its last leg (and I'm not sure where/how to get replacement pumps).

Your thoughts/recommendations? I know that it's a strange 'ask'. If it makes more sense to have QTY: 2 of a smaller-rated skimmer, I'm open to that approach, too. Please let me know. I value your input.




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Thank you... Are you talking about this one? Royal Exclusiv Mini Bubble King 160 VS12 aquaPro2000? If so, it looks more like an 'inside the sump' than 'inside the tank'. Also, i can't find it available for sale. Any other ideas?


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You can do a Google of the top 10 "in tank" skimmers within your browser.
I did this when i needed to know which one would be best for me since ive no sump and it showed me the top 10 along with the pros & cons of ea. really was the best rout then just asking opinions since most folks use in sump skimmers except in nano tanks.
There are some really nice large volume in tank ones and yes they are pricey. The smaller tanks like mine are cheap under $60.