best lighting for 300gl. reef tank???


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hello everyone, would like to get some feed-back on lighting for my 300gl. reef
tank. I have 2, 400 watt mh with 2, 32watt power compacts to each light. I read somewhere that 5-6 hours of mh light is sufficient. was thinking about adding a 2 bulb, t-12 fixture...6' long to what I already have(my tank is 7' long). was wanting to run this fixture after the 5-6 hours of mh light. no corals yet, but have some arriving early next week that I ordered online.
Is this a bad idea? would t-5's be better?


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VHO are fine too, thats what i use and 3x400w mh will do just great in that size of tank. leds would be nice but if you already have MH i would say run 3.