Best lighting for a 37g reef??


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I need to get lights that are 30" long. Can anyone give me some suggestions? Id like average to strong lighting.


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Ive found these but not sure which would be better... other suggestions welcomed.

30" 2x65 CORALIFE LUNAR Aqualight Deluxe Series (130w of PC)

30" AQUALIGHT T-5 - Double Linear Strip (18 watt 10,000K daylight and 18 watt true actinic 03 blue T-5 fluorescent lamps)

30" CURRENT USA SUNDIAL T-5 Fixture 4X24Watt (Sundial features the SlimPaq 10,000k and 460nm Actinic High Output T5 lamps)


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If I were lighting a 37g now I would go with T5s, especially considering you want to put them in a canopy of have a unit that sits on the tank. You want the High Output (HO) T5s though. The Aqualight unit you listed is a normal output T5 fixture and is not appropriate for a reef.