Best Lighting to help corals recover?


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Ok, so I've pretty much come to the conclusion that my corals don't like the current lighting setup (2x110VHO 10,000k on for 10 hours, and 2x250 20,000k MH on for 7 1/2 hours. Prior to this I still was running the 20,000k MH, but had one actinic and one actinic white VHO). In the past couple of months pretty much all sps and lps have been declining. Even the candycanes, which were growing like weeds prior to the light change, have been dying back. All the softies, however, are doing great.
I went ahead and switched out the 10,000k's for actinics this past Tuesday, and already noticing a change. The candycanes, while not opening yet, are starting to swell during the day again. But the lighting is so blue, it almost hurts your eyes to look at. I'm going to eventually switch out one of the actinics for an actinic white, but was wondering if I should wait for a few weeks (or months). Will everything recover faster with two actinics than with one actinic/ one actinic white?