Best non anemone for a clown to host


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Hi, I just introduced a second black occ clown into my tank and within 10 seconds it decided it wanted to host my torch coral and because the new clown did my existing clown (who's been in there about 5 months now) decided that it to must host my torch coral which really doesn't seem all that happy about it.

I really love Anemones and want to get one down the track but i don't think my tank is stable enough to try just yet although i now think i have the lighting (upgraded to a radion pro). So my question is if there is a coral which would accept the clowns more so than my torch that i could try to see if the clowns give it a go.


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Some corals will tolerate the clowns better then others but to my knowlage non will be too pleased by it.

Before my clowns found one of the anemones in the tank they tried a rock, a hammer coral, and the hairy mushrooms. They hammer closed and was angry for days but the mushrooms didn't seem all that upset. They just curled a bit. The rock was unaffected LOL

Clowns are funny and will go where they want. I would try to give them several options so they don't stress anything too much :)

Good job not rushing to get an anemone, they pretty hardy (depending on spiecies) but definatly need a mature tank.


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I always recommend larger--3" or more--toadstool leathers (Sarcophyton spp.). They're hardy*, widely available, and tend to adapt to hosting quite well. There's no skeleton to injure the coral (as with LPS corals) and no risk of the clowns being eaten (I think this is rare, but I have head of it happening with large mushrooms, especially Rhodactis). They also can look very much like anemones when they get large--and if they start to outgrow your system, they're easily fragged.

*Except for the so-called Fiji or elegance toadstool, Sarcophyton elegans, which is bright yellow and very beautiful, but often hard to keep. I would avoid this one.


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I've had good luck with black occ being hosted by duncans. Not sure they'll give up your torch for them though. Worth a shot. :)


My clowns hosted a neon green flower pot and frog spawn. The corals will survive as long as the clowns arent rough with them.


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+1 for Toadstool. My clowns love mine and it seems to do just fine with them. It no longer retracts when the clown goes nuts on it and it seems to do a bit better with polyp extension w/ the clowns around. Not sure if its the same things an a nem getting more oxygen at night from the clown swimming and fanning the nem but it seems to be working!


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my Clarkii hosted my Condi. The long tentacles were too much for me since she w2as wandering all around and I'd often find her jamming those stingers into my zoas... So I switched out the Condi for a bubble tip. The Clarkii didn't even notice the difference. But the bubble tip was very surprised and kept slamming the door by closing up. A few weeks later and all is well.


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Ive had a bunch of clowns host in a dense section of anthelia,. Ive also seen clowns host large sinularia and xenia.

All of which are soft coral which is ideal so the clowns cant damage the tissue on its non existent skeleton.