best PH monitor???


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Well it looks like i am in the market for a new PH monitor. I emailed AmericanMarine about my problem with my pinpoint monitor, and they said sounds like i need to BUY a new probe. I thought i just bought one? This monitor is only 6 months old, and a new probe is $45. That ain't gonna happen.

Who makes the best monitors, because it sure ain't pinpoint?


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I really like milwaukee. They are not super acurate, but work well.

I run my Ca reactor with one.



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Reef fanatic has one that just monitors Ph and has a lit readout which is really nice. Aqua medic also makes a good Ph monitor and controller with a lit read out. I believe the reef fanatic is only about 70.00 if im right on premiumaquatics.


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If your just in the market for a PH probe, check out ebay. I have a ACII and purchased probes for very reasonable at buy it now price. I don't get the lab grade, Waste of money IMO. Mine are the BNC connector which I think most of the monitors/controllers are these days.
If you don't mind spending a few bucks, get a Neptune controller, you won't be dissapointed and great investment in the long run.



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Thanks for the recommendation Paul. I got my new Milwakee PH monitor in today, and i am immpressed. When i bought my Pinpoint monitor, i spent around 30 to 45 minutes getting it calibrated. The milwakee monitor was calibrated perfectly straight out of the box.


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I have owned a Pinpoint for almost 10 years. I am on the 2nd probe. It has performed exceptionally. Maybe you got a lemon, but mine has been great.



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I just checked it, and it was the probe. Either way, that was a waste of money if it lasts 6 months for $45. I expected pinpoint to stand behind thier product, but that didn't happen.


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One year on the monitor and a tail light special on the probe.Seeinng as how the probe cost over half as much as the entire unit, that is no warranty at all. I did like my pinpoint monitor while it lasted, as far as accuracy it was good, but anything is no better then the company that backs it, and that being said i wouldn't give you .02 for a truckload of the pinpoints after this.