Best place for cleaners?


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Looking for local place to get some snails, crabs and shrimp for my 150. Aquarium adventure looks expensive, phishy business only sells packages online. Maybe jacks pets? Are there any other stores? Im in Dublin area but willing to travel to get some decent cleaners and fish

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Phishy sells individual pieces at their shop, and I suspect they'll honor what they have on their website at the brick-and-mortar.

If they just don't have what you need, try - they're not local, but fast, cheap, and generous.

Fish Junction

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Go to and mailorder them, I have bought from them many times as a hobbyist and used to order thousands of snails and crabs from them for years as a store owner. They ship fedex overnight and their lot prices,size and quality cant be beat. They are the divers/collectors.
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