Best place to buy copepods??

i want to seed my refugium with different types of pods. Is Ocean Pods a good place to buy copepods? I think they said one bottle costs 25 dollars and has 2,000 live copepods, but not sure if thats what they meant

know of any other places to buy them besides


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Check with local reefers. Buying/trading for a ball of chaeto and a bit of LR rubble from an established refugium will set you up better than all the commercial products out there combined.


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Simply starting a sump created a huge population, I added nothing but some chaeto, and not sure if before or after the chaeto I had a ton of copepods around my protein skimmer, so many it looked like gnats, find a friend with some chaeto.
i have a small ball of chaeto in the refugium, i know ive seen them on my glass before but probably have hidden or have decreased since i added a skimmer and added more flow to the tank

does anyone know about the tigger pods and how many come in a bottle?

ocean pods has 3 different types of copepods and have around 2,000 of them in a bottle i think
so you havent seen them around? ive seen the amphipods once in a while, crawling in and out of rock, sand, and sometimes the chaeto. i think i might either get the copepods from ocean pods, but still not sure about it