Best position for my HOB overflow?


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Upgraded to 2 x Koralia 3's for the 55 ... Flow is :eek1: :eek2: :eek1: :eek2: MASSIVE

I have one in the back corner about midway up the tank aimed across the back of the rock. The second one is on the opposite side, higher up and aimed/ shooting across the front. I have a real heavy circulation around the rocks now and no evident dead spots.

My concern is that the flow is so significant that I'm not getting a good particle skim off the surface into the overflow. I had it in the traditional back, right off the corner. Then I tried moving it right into the corner. Thinking maybe mid tank is better (not aestically though). I'm concerned because Nitrates spiked a little since I got these put up.



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i wouldnt worry about it.

just have the overflow at the end of the tank that the water is flowing to in the back.

so if water in moving in a circular motion clockwise put the overflow on the back right side and the opposit for counterclockwise circulation.


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OK, then it looks like I need to reverse the flow for the back right (I was counterclockwise)


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they are probably kicking up a lot of debris that was laying around. The Nitrate will drop and be lower than ever.

It can sometimes take a little experimenting to find the best location for an HOB overflow so keep playing around with it until you find the best place.


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HMMM ... I'm a little freaked when the protein skimmer is not showing anything "nasty" Although I think the overflow is in a better position now.

We'll see how it holds up tonight. I need to pay the wife some attention before she goes berzerk. Too much tank love.