Best Reef Sand?


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I currently have a 38 gallon reef tank with about a 4" sand bed of the sugar size sized (which I'm not very fond of) mixed along with some coarser pink. I plan to switch my tank over to a new 40 breeder for dimensional and other reasons. Just wanted some suggestions on the best reef sand. Size, depth,etc. I'm not really wanting to do the bare bottom, plus I will probably be getting some sort of wrasse that will need to burrow so keep that in mind. Thanks in advance!



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If you are going to have a lot of flow in your tank the coarser sand will be better cause it will not get stirred up in the current. I use caribsea special grade with about 30x turnover with no issues


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Caribsea special grade or a mixture of Reefflakes/Miniflakes from Tropic Eden are nice choices if you want sand that won't blow around but still looks nice.


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I got some kind of Fiji pink in my 20 long mantis tank and really like it but don't think I would like it in a larger tank. For my 180 I got the caribsea special grade and find its a good match for what Ive kept. Its not to small of a grain that gets blow around easy. My digging and landscaping critters can easily move it with minimal dust flying and what does get into the water column settles out fairly quickly. But its also not so large detritus doesn't get caught up in it like larger grains or crushed coral. Also sand sifters can still get through it easily like stars, snails, and sleeper gobies.