Best Salt to buy?


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For a tank that i am putting together i was wandering what people thought of the different salts out there that you can get. I will have live sand, live rock, Fish and some SPS or mix. But i was wandering what is the best in everyones eyes. thanks


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I'm currently using Instant Ocean and I've heard that Reef Crystals is good. I just ordered some Reef Crystals from DR Fosters so that I can compare. The IO works good but it would be nice if the Calcium levels were a little higher in the mix.


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I use Crystal Sea Bioassay formula and am stoked with it. The reason being is my small reeftank (45gallon display 30g sump) using this salt with a weekly change my calcium and KH are spot on, magnesium is good too. Let's me focus on other issues :)


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I've been using Reef Crystals for a year and a half. I like it. There was a batch out there that was having bad Mg and Ca numbers for awhile. I sent a sample back to Instant ocean and after testing my sample, they replaced my salt. Other wise then that I have been happy with reef crystals.


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very interesting read imcosmokramer thanks for the info, very interesting


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I have been using oceanic but going to switch back to instant ocean. The oceanic brought my calcium way up.

iI have read about that and plan to keep a pretty close eye on it. How high did yours go?



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I use


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So between,

Tropic Main Pro Reef
Ocean Pure
Reef Crystal
SeaChem Reef Salt

would y'all recommend? Btw, i was reading and it say that calcium should be between 400-450ppm, is it ok if i use a salt such as SeaChem that has 540ppm?