Best site for fish housing requirements


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What is the best site to see what size tank a fish needs? I am getting very frustrated when I search for answers on the internet.

For example, AquaCon says a Blue Hippo Tang needs a 20+, but LiveAquaria says it needs a 180+! That is a huge difference.

What website can I look at that will give me the most accurate information. I recently purchased a new 55g and want to see what fish will do well in my tank.


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In general I would go with the more conservative estimate. Its good to check multiple sources and yeah there will probably be a little bit of variance between sites but your example is pretty extreme, I haven't really seen sites show that much of a swing.

Fish Biscuit

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Live Aquaria is usually pretty good for minimum tank sizes. I don't think even a juvenile blue hippo would be happy in a 20g. A 55g tank is too small for any tangs if that's what you're looking for. I think you are big enough for some dwarf angels.

You can always post your list in the "check your fish purchases here" thread & ask for advise. Steve (snorvich) is very good w/ that & you can ask for other suggestions if your original list won't work.