Best source for tank raised bimacs?


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Ceph Source was the fist place to offer captive breed O.bimaculoides years ago. They are no longer around. FFexpress was the online distributer for cative breed bimacs a few months ago but the supply was sold out in short time and there are no more available. I understand the breeder is working on a new batch but it will be a few months. These are the only captive breed octopus that have ever been offerd. In time you will see more captive breed babies for sale. It is a lot of hard work to rear the young and the food requirements are demanding. Coming across a gravid female or a male and female to mate are just as much of a challenge.
You can get a nice wild caught one from our good friend Jack at Just ask for Jack, tell him Chris sent you and you would like a small bimaculoides. He will do his best to take care of you. The current wild caught one I have was just as small as the captive breed babies and just as hardy. I have bought almost all my octopues from Jack and I highly recommend him.