Best time for feeding, how often, how much?


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Please share how you are feeding your LPS, I want to make sure I'm doing it correctly. I know some people say you don't need to, but I want to because I'm not getting much growth and a few seem to be struggling (except my duncans, they are growing like weeds).

What time of day is best? I have heard right after lights out, in the morning, it doesn't matter...I am confused on this.

How many times per week?

Is it true you can feed too much, harming them? How do you know the right amount?

Thanks in advance for your advice.


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I feed my corals during the day when my lights been on for 3+ hours and polyps are extending.
i dont believe overfeeding will kill them. They have e tentacles and will grab food as needed. Your not forcing anything.


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Okay. I read somewhere it's easiest for them to digest when lights are off, which kinda made sense to me so I believed it. Today I tried feeding a few hours before lights on, as I noticed my candy cane's tentacles were out. All corals grabbed the food (some Rod's and nutramar ova) except for my hammer. Not sure what's wrong but my hammer is gradually losing heads.


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I think it is accepted that natural corals do most of their feeding as night, when the zooplankton gets incredibly thick on the reef; so that's probably the "best".

Certainly not the easiest, however, especially if you want to dose the food slowly and continuously like a reef does.