Bestest ghetto light hanger?


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I have a 48" TEK fixture I plan to somehow suspend over the upcoming 60" wide tank. TEKs legs won't work and for funsies, I don't want a canopy this time.

Anybody got any links on homemade or ghetto light suspension rigs?

It might. My stud finder has been giving weird hits like there's wood all over the place and I'm not sure the joists are spaced right to hang it evenly. I could poke a buncha test holes I guess. Or tear out the ceiling and build a 2x4 cross member... I have the spring loaded retracting line kit, but the more this thing seems wishy washy the more I think about going with some kinda gantry or arm assembly. I also hate drywall cutting and patching. Hate it.
depending on how heavy the fixture is, drywall anchors usually work great. go with a 1/4" bolt with corresponding anchor (spring loaded clasp that screws onto bolt, drill hole, and insert. The anchor spreads out over the drywall kind of like a grappling hook. Most 5/8" drywall with the 1/4" clasps/anchors should hold a safe 18 pounds a piece.) Hope that helps. If you need some, I have plenty.
The whole assembly can't weigh more than 10-12lbs. But I would be pushing it down into place after feeding / maintenance. Should be OK I guess. Hmmm...
ok over my 30 gallon i used those drywall fasteners like beardedtridac said with just some stainless braided line from home depot


with my lumenarcs i used the same drywall fasteners but i used a yo yo style hanger kinda like this
Thanks for the input and the link. The link to the yo-yo hangers is the same product I have.

I'm seriously thinking about bent conduit fastened to the stand...
At CRS they have very nice mounting cable kits. 20 bucks gets everything for the wire cable kit including white caps to hide the ceiling holes. ... JAT
I did the same thing scubajim did, using the winged drywall anchors, only I used a much small gage wire and tied loops. I am most happy with it and it swings far enough either way to do all the tank fiddling I want.