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Would this be safe to use for a zoo dip? It is Betadine but says it is 10% Povidone-Iodine-(1% available Iodine) that is the active ingredient. Inactive ingredients include pareth25-9, purified water, and sodium hydroxide. Anybody who knows more about this stuff feel free to let me know if it is ok I won't use unless I hear it is ok.
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I was just planning on using a little to add to some ro water to dip some zoos but was wondering if it was safe also how much would be safe to add to say 1/2 gal of ro for a zoo dip.

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It is significantly more dilute than Lugols, so one would expect to add more (say, 5 times more). But again, I do not know if it is effective at all. So if you have a recipe for dipping with Lugols solution, and want to try this, more of it than the Lugols. I don't dip corals, so I don't have a recommended recipe.

Anyone else want to make a recommendation?


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Is quite common in this hobby but not to reef tanks. It has been used for decades to help prevent infection. Only, animals are not dipped in it but "painted " with it on the infected area/s, so as not to get it in the eyes or gills of fish and crustaceans. Fish eggs, however, quite often were dipped in it.

Real Betadine is PVP-I or polyvinlypyrrolidone plus iodine. PVP is what is used in the so called tank additives to help fish during stress. It is that so called "protective slime coat" in a bottle, like "Stress Coat". Povidine is not really Betadine, it is just similar to it.