Bi-Color Angel in a Reef Tank

Living Ocean

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Has anyone here ever had any success with keeping a bi-color angel in a reef tank? I started a smaller tank (28 gal) and put in a clownfish and a bi-color. When I went to go put in an SPS frag, within two days the angel had completely eaten off all the polyps and I was left with nothing but a skeleton.

Is this something that could be prevented or do I just need to get rid of the angel?



Sir Brian The Lenient
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The bicolor is probably not going to do well in a 28 gallon tank. I would remove it.


Meat Popsicle
Bicolors tend to be less reef safe than other Centropyge, and as BrianD said are far too active for that small of a tank. It is highly unlikely that you will be able to convince the fish to stop eating your coral. It may only eat certain types, but it probably won't stop.