Bi-color blenny PROB


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i noticed my bicolor grazing on acros,and theres white blotches on all of them,could he be doing it?
I have heard that bi color blennys are nippers, and can cause this sort of damage, no personal experiance though. Look for AEFW too.

Yep, i had one that nipped at my cap and acro. I started seeing the white blotches, I removed it and the white blotches went healed up.
Get yourself the hawaiin algae blenny. They look like the bi-color blenny only they get larger and are all one solid color, dark black.

I have one and he never bothers my acros or anything else, he loves to nip on the live rock for algae and thats it.

My LFS keeps a large one in his 300 gallon SPS tank; that's where I first saw one and wanted one for my tank.


Here is a picture of one:

I just had a thread in the SPS forum about this a week ago. I was upset and thought I had Acro eating flatworms but thank God it was the Bi-color Blenny. They are easy to take out of your tank as all you have to do is pull out the rock they are hiding in. Took me 2 min to get him out. Corals are going to be fine. Good luck. :D Michael R
Unfortunatly mine was hiding in a big support rock causing me to pretty much tear down the hole tank. Not like it was much to tear down.