Big Tank Owners-What Magnet Use?

I would not mind hearing from all those with tanks over 150 gallon as to what they use for a glass cleaner by way of a magnet etc..... please also mention what your size tank is and thickness of the glass.. does it clean coraline off also?



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That's the same one I have to clean my 225g acrylic, 5/8 inch.
I have to be very careful with it not to go near any sand.
And never place near any electronics or metal. VERY strong.


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I also have an algaefree magnet. Tigershark I believe. It's great. I have a 300ish. Not sure of the glass thickness.


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I used a algaefree tiger shark for years on my 315 and 18 tanks. It was a great magnet.


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Mag4 on 180. Even then it is really strong. I think Mag 8 would be overkill. My glass was about 5/8" to 3/4" thick I cannot remember.


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I also use the TigerShark on my starphire 260gal. It does cost a bit but it does an incredible job. Plus, you can buy replacement wet and dry sides which is needed after a year or so.


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I use a Magnavore 4ER on my 1/2" glass, with an easy blade glued to it. Simply awesome.

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240G, 3/4" Acrylic

240G, 3/4" Acrylic

I use the Algae Free, LLC, Hammerhead and it works like a champ. It does not clean coraline.