Big Worry, Will it burst?


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I am setting up the new 55 gl acrylic tank with 1/4 thickness. I noticed today the front was bent 1/2 inch. And the back was bent even more about 3/4 inch. Is there anyone has acrylic tank having this problem? Is it leading to a disaster? Will it burst in the future? Big Worry now
Where did you get this tank from? Does it have bracing of any kind? What are the dimensions?

That sounds like a lot of bowing, and definitely something to be concerned about.

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please attach pictures, especially from the top so we can see if it is an actual aquarium and not a lizard tank. But I would be very concerned by the sounds of it w/o pics.


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sounds like a reptile tank 1/4 is thin for a fishtank

I agree, that sounds too thin for a fish tank that big.


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I dont think many people make tanks for reptiles out of acrylic, to easy to scratch. You may be able to resolve your issue by making a frame that fits around the top to hold the front and back in.


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Buy a new tank, your really gonna regret it if once stocked, it splits and you lose everything. I know it sucks, and is added expense.. If your just starting out i would strongly advise you to really think about the shape, overflow method, area etc of your new tank as its a huge problem if you decide to change down the line.
My 55 is a cube and its made out of 12mm glass (just under 1/2"). Acrylic tank are usually made thicker than the equivalent size in glass, so imo 6mm is far to thin, and is most probably intended as a reptile tank. Also be aware that acrylic does scratch much easier than glass, get some sand between you mag float and the tank and you have a problem.
Hope this helps..


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consider the damage (around the tank and to the inhabitants) it would cause if the tank blew out; then consider the costs of a new tank

I'd replace the tank asap