Bio ball or not


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i read couple of post on different website, people said do not put bio balls due to nitrate build up, please advise.


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I suggest not using them. If you have live rock, good flow, a protein skimmer and do your routine water changes, you will be fine.


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They aren't needed for a reef tank, and they do seem to cause a higher nitrate level in many tanks. Plus, they're extra work to keep clean. They can useful if you want to keep a fish-only system with a heavy load.


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If you're thinking of using them in a sump I would just add some live rock rubble. Can get rubble on internet or LFS.


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Agreed, I would also suggest avoiding bioballs. mfd574, has some good advice with adding LR rubble to the sump for extra bilogical filtration. Thats what I do.


Good luck


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I agree to scrap the BioBalls. There good for a fish only tank but not needed for a reef tank with Live Rock.

I like to keep my tanks as natural as possible........I do a good amount of scuba diving and I have never seen any bioballs in the ocean yet......:dance: