Bio pellets and GFO with inline reactors.

Dave VG

New member
I'm thinking about running these inline with each other using two TLF reactors on one Maxi jet 1200 pump. Here is my plan. I will put the Bio pellets first and the GFO in the second being that the pellets need a higher tumbling rate. I will run the pellets alone starting with half the recommended amount and ramping it up for about a month until I get to the suggested amount. My thoughts for doing it this way are based on what I have read saying that you should not start out with the max amount as the Nitrates will lower two fast and shock the corals and also that the pellets will need a much higher tumbling rate at startup so they do not clump together and I think that maybe to much flow for the GFO until it gets backed down to normal tumbling. I would add the second one with the GFO after I see the Nitrates start going down. Anyone have experience with these. From what I have been reading and I have read till my eyes bled that the pellets alone will NOT keep both Nitrates and Phosphates in check. So being that my Phosphates are inline and my Nitrates are high figured this would be a good plan. Thoughts?