Bio Wheels. Good Or Bad?


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I have an Emperor 400 which has 2 bio wheels and I was wondering if they r good or bad . I have been reading that bio wheels and other bio filters may produce substantial amounts of nitrate. I have always had a problem with nitrate even after I cut down to once a day feeding with little amounts.
Just wondering how u guys feel about them. Should I remove them or not?
Your assistance is greatly appreciated and Thanx in advance


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about 95% will tell you they are bad. i'm the other 5% - my 60cube has a dual biowheel filter and has been in continuous use since 1992. same biowheels - i rinse them in tank water every once in awhile if i think about it. no problems so far.


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If you aren't running enough live rock for denitrification purposes, they would be a no-brainer.

Even in a live rock-filtered tank, they wouldn't hurt...just not nearly as necessary. :)

"Nitrate factory" is a myth, IMO. Nothing about supplemental bio filtration will prevent your live rock's anoxic and anerobic zones from working. ;-)