Bioballs replacement & general feedback wanted


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Background: I am revitalizing my set-up, as I wish to have more demanding corals on my reef. It has been running more or less on its own for 10 years,- but now it is time for an upgrade.
Set-up: 200 gallon aqua, in the large overflow box there is trickle filter with bioballs (no filter before), 20 gallon sump, boobleking skimmer with automatic cleaning, nitrate filter (sulphur) and fosfate filter (rowaphos). Ozon when redox <300. Traditional Balling supplement via dosage computer. High circulation in tank. Light, 3*120 w LED (aqua light), 2*15 w Blue LED. Feed with frozen artemis, mysis and mixed marine. No other supplements. Change 10% of water once a month.
My question is on whether to replace my bioballs (been in there 6 years) with other material or LR or what to do. Struggle a bit with too high nitrate, which is why I turned on the nitrate filter recently.
Input please,- Thank you :)


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I have been using first bio bale and then bio balls since 1991. My tanks today both contain a wet dry tower and both tanks nitrates are below 5ppm. Add a fuge to your system, do a major water change to get your nitrates down. As long as you keep a filter pad in the drip tray to filter the water flowing over the bio balls you should be fine. My 200 gallon that I had before my 300 ran from 1999 to 2009. The nitrates in that tank when I moved everything to the 300 were 2ppm. I have never had a crash on any of my tanks so I am of the belief If it ain't broke why fix it?