Biocube heating, noise and other issues

David Bishop

New member
I have just setup a Coralife Biocube 29 and have been having some unexpected issues. Informed advice will be appreciated:

1) The water flow pump is very loud. I'm not sure if this is normal, or if the pump is straining due to all the dust that came off the Caribsea "Life Rock". There were not instructions with the life rock, so I did not rinse it. The tank looked like pure milk. Next morning it settled some, but the rocks were covered in bacterial dust. Took them out, rinsed them, drained the tank and refilled. Noise could also be vibration from rock leaning on tank back. I hope its not normal and can be quieted.

2) The temp in the tank has been rising to 85 with no lights on and heater set at 79. The lid has fans that come on when the blue light is on, but it sounds like an airplane engine.

3) Fan noise. I've read where others are replacing the stock fans due to the noise.

4) Life Rock by Caribsea- Instructions call for 1-2 lb of rock per gallon of water. That stuff is loaded with powdered bacteria. It needs better instructions on the package.

Can anyone confirm if the water flow pump should be loud right out of the box, or if it is straining and needs to be cleaned. Advice on the other issues listed will be appreciated.

This is my third saltwater tank. I thought the all in one kit would be a breeze, but it's turning out to be a headache.