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I need some serious help. First let me say I am not new to the hobby. I just bought a biocube off a friend of a friend the price was stupid cheap. Well that was my first warning. They stated it was a biocube 32. No paperwork. Filters were slimy and disgusting, only had it 3 months they stated and never cleaned it.
The filter pump is so freaking loud I cannot stand it.
Their is no media basket like videos on you tube show? And the lid was hacked up to add their own modification and their own light.
My question is I like the flow of their pump my I hate the loudness of it. What can I do? I already took it out cleaned it- it isn’t touching the glass I don’t know what to do.
Filter basket- what upgrade can I do? In-tank media basket? And if so how do I know which tank I have.
Also they gave me all their live rock which I will just put in a sump tank because it’s by far ready. And use my own but what do you use for aquascaping wet live rock? This is one thing I have never tried to conquer just stacked it.
Thank you all for your suggestions I am really annoyed with how this tank ended up being but it is what it is. Now I need more expert help. :)


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I’m not home to check dimensions but that’s likely either a 29 or 32. Since it looks like it had the stock LED lid at some point, it likely is the 32 I think?

As for media basket, I bought my tank used and did not have a media basket. I think there are plenty of options out there though. I also generally don’t run media.

I’ve always heard the epoxy sandwhich works good when working with live rock. However as long as the majority of the rock stays moist when you work with it, it can be out of the water for a bit for scaling purposes with just a little surface die off
Hey, I have a new Biocube 32 and have an extra media basket that came with the tank. My first tank was delivered cracked so I have some spare parts. You can have one of my baskets. Sent you an email message. Im using the spare pump in another tank. You could probably buy a small pump to replace your loud one. Im thinking the prior owner just let it go to crap and it has internal salt rattling it.

The intank baskets are a great upgrade but pricey. Personally I think it’s worth the investment especially since they are made for the chamber and free up space. I also just bought a set of the intank aquatics acrylic baskets (pricey) but I wanted to creat a 4th chamber and split the center chamber in two.
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