biopellets update


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ok so i am at 1 week now. the skimmer has improved performance. I have added the remander or biopellets tonight as John recommendation to start with about 1/3 or pellets required for my system.

will update again in a week or so.

nitrates 4.8 messured at faois this week we didn't measure po4 I should have sorry.



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Be careful and go slow. I had a lot of issues and cyno problems until I stopped using them. I think when I was using them my bio load was not that high enough for the amount I was using and overdosed. I'm sure they do the job but I ended up figuring out that I really didn't need them. My .02


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I am glad that you are seeing progress. I saw progress for the first week, unfortunately lately I have not seen too much. My nitrates and po4 are already low. The first week I had great sludge coming from the skimmer, now the skimmer is pulling stuff just not at as dark.

I am hoping that the pellets will keep the numbers low. I was reading that I may have to feed a ton more to bring the numbers up for the pellets.

Keep us updated and let us know when you start to see the nitrates drop..