Bk skimmer for 180g Display


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Hi All

I'm currently looking at Equipment for my new tank it will a Cade S2 1500 178g display or 210g total the tank will have a med to high bio load. I will also be coverting from filter socks to a roller fleece setup. Im trying to decide which one between a double cone 180 or the 150
also what is the difference with RDX or the RD3 in performance ?


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Hi Rob! :)

I will be setting up a Cade Peninsula S2/P 1500 very soon, and this is the equipment that i have (.. mostly!) settled on:

Aquarium: Cade Peninsula Reef 2S/P 1500 (210 gallon)
Light: 3 x Neptune SKY LED (... two might just be enough!)
Return Pump: 1 x Neptune COR20
Heater: 2 x D&D Titatnium 650w (controlled via Apex)
Flow: 2 x Neptune WAV (…or should we go MP-60’s?)
Skimmer: Deltec 1500i DC
Dosing pumps: Red Sea ReefDose 4
Filter Roller: Red Sea ReefMat 1200
Carbon/GFO: Aquaforest Media 110 (via a manifold)
CO2 Scrubber: H2o Universal
UV Sterializer: TBC
Controller: Neptune Apex / Trident with various flow, optical and leek sensors
Monitor: Seneye Reef for ammonia and PAR (because we have one already!)

All the best! :D I am looking forward to following your build 💪