BK skimmer for sale for trade


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This skimmer was built by MOJO about a month and a half ago. I used it for about a month. It works great. constantly pulls 31 to 32 SCFH.
Here is my review thread
Here is mojos build thread.
The pump works great and has really quietd down during break in.
This is great skimmer and would be amazing on a 100 heavily stocked tank. This skimmer is at least as good as a BK 160. The thing that this skimmer has that the BK mini doesn't is more reaction time with the pump and the skimmer body. The skimmer aslo has more air flow than a BK 160
The pump is a mini airstar type and it has a custom volute that prevents the pinwheel from rotating in the wrong direction.
Here are some pics


I would like to put up for sale for $375 local.
Octopus cone
Vertex 180 plus $100
Itech 100
ASM plus cash or something else
Euro reef plus cash or something else
Octopus recirc
anything offer up
I will be coming up this weeknd and can meet anywhere near or in columbus
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