Black and white ocellaris vs. false perc


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I have the opportunity to buy Black and White Ocellaris or Black and White False Perculas. I can get the False Perc's for half the price of the Ocellaris. Is there any difference between a Black White Ocellaris and a Black and White False Percula?


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Cool, that will save me 50 bucks :thumbsup:

LFS who is very very good has them for 28 bucks a pop. Everywhere else is like 50.


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That is really cheap for black ocellaris. I got my pair for 40 dollars each. Make sure you are getting real black ocellaris not what dealers sometimes call black perculas which are black saddleback clownfish which usually go for 20-25 dollars each.


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all my clowns are black ocellaris(black false percula)
i love them
false percula is another name for ocellaris
true percula = percula
if you can get an all black ocellaris with white bands, you've got a nice one
mine have yellow/orange mouths, the rest are all black with white bands
i still love em ;x


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Well I picked them up for 28 bucks a pop. Half the price of what everyone else is charging. They're really healthy and look good. One of them is entirely jet black and am told the other will be the same before too long.