Black clown and bta size compatible?


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Ok so last night I noticed my clown wasn't sleeping were he always does and I looked around and found him in my bta he just decided after 3 months to just go for it lol he is a juvie not an adult yet the bta is happy so happy where I placed him day one is where he is now he didn't wonder around which was what I wanted him to do but that's how it goes anyway so my concern is the size when the bta is fully out he prob is big enough but when he shrinks a little worries me I feed the bta either 1 time a week or every other week it's got a 6 bulb t5 ho with a led fixture and he is medium to half way tank level so plenty of light prams are
Ph 8.0
Ammonia 0
Nitite 0
Nitrate undetectable on my Red Sea kit
Calcium 440
Phosphate 0
Iodine .06
Copper 0
Tank is a 150 with 2 mag 12 returns and 2 korila 1150 with 150 lbs live rock and 120 pounds live sand with a refugium with cheato and ruble a coralife 220 skimer and has a ato system everything is good so far had a problem with my blue tang treated him for ich he prob didn't have it but the popeye and bumps scared me but now he is all better and happy as can be

So the concern is will he love his home to death and if so should I move the clown to my 36 but even my 36 has a bta but that bta is in recovery from a huge tomato clown trying to kill it lol any thoughts would be great

Ps sorry for bad quality pic it's night time and he only liked to be in the nem at night he is mostly out during the day


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