Black Dots on Clown


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I have an Ocellaris Clownfish (Wild) that I have been keeping in a 24 Gallon Nano Cube (he's been in the tank 9 months now), and yesterday he started to develop little black dots all over the non-white portions of his body...kinda looks like sunspots, was thinking it might be Black Ich but he doesn't have any spots on the white portions of his body and he doesn't seem affected by it and is as playful and hungry as ever, none of his tank mates exhibit this...any help in identifying this condition would be appreciated...thanks in advance.
Thank you for the speedy responce, I do have lots of Corals in the tank and just added about 5 frags from a friends tank...3 zoo's, 1 leather, and 1 Xenia...upon some further inspection I found 1 brown Aiptasia attached to one of the frags, I will be getting rid of it once I get the proper meds...but do you think that could have caused it...the pictures do look very much like my clowns condition? Thanks again.