Black Friday sales?


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This will be my first Black Friday since i started this hobby. I was wondering if LFS have black Friday sales on livestock? I am looking at buying some corals and wanna take advantage of this.

You guys have Black Friday sales at you LFS? How are the prices?

Keiki Moana

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Look at some other sites like R2R...lots of Black Friday Sales on corals listed there...I got emails from Totally Exotic Corals, Unique Corals, etc... too...
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My LFS has BF sales, but they're usually very poor. There are a few drygoods on sale for good prices, but if you don't want or need them, that's usually it. Then they tend to have a few fish (usually two clowns and something else) for low prices between 10 - 12.

This year they are having 20% off fish room from 10 - 12, which is better than the usual. It's OK, but nothing great. Try calling your LFS and ask them.